Terminology Questions.

Jun 7, 2010 at 3:37 AM
Edited Jun 7, 2010 at 7:32 PM

I'm going to try and compile a list of terms that aren't quite intuitive for me. If someone can define them I'll work on adding definitions in appropriate areas in the wiki documentation:

  1. What is a Division?
  2. When one searches for a person one has the fields Name / Communication / Address / Date of Birth. What is Communication?
  3. Is the General Ledger a separate non-BVCMS application?
  4. What is an Organization and how does it relate to a Division?
  5. What is a Schedule and how does it relate to an Organization?
  6. What are Original or Biological baptisms?
  7. What are the purposes of tags? Can others see your tags?

Here are terms which are generally understood but for which it would be good to have a more technical (specific) definition:

  1. Member
  2. Visitor

Here are terms I have figured out (I think) myself:

  1. A fund represents a specific aspect of an organization (e.g. office supplies, youth ministry, missions). Each fund contains the contributions given to that fund.
  2. A bundle is a group of contributions - usually batched at around fifty - that share a common fund.
Jun 8, 2010 at 5:10 AM
  • Organization is a full featured way to group members, meetings, visitors, previous members etc. An organization has many settings which govern it's behavior when used for online registrations and touchscreen checkin. An organization might be a sunday school class, a committee, a recreation league, a mission trip, a worship service (place to put meetings and visitors and headcounts), a leadership group (deacons, staff etc)
  • Division is a way to arrange organizations into logical groupings. A division is a lightweight tag in essence. A single organization can be in multiple divisions. There is also the notion of a Main Division which is the one that shows up with the organization in certain contexts. Divisions can managed by having the OrgTagger role. The management is done on the Organization Search page. You choose an active division from the dropdown and then you can Add/Remove organizations to this active division. Also on an Organization's page, you can edit the OrgInfo at top and choose which divisions the org belongs to by using the multiselect dropdown box. An example of multiple divisions would be Children which has all children sunday school classes and then Pre-school which would have a subset of Children.
  • Program is a way to group divisions into another level of heirarchy. A program is not as flexible as a division in that a division can only be a part of a single program.
  • Schedule is a setting at the organizatino level used as the default day of week and time for a new meeting within an Organization. You can override this default when creating a meeting.
  • Original Baptism is when a person is baptized as part of making a profession of faith.
  • Biological Baptism is when a child of a a family whose primary adults are members of the church is baptized. It is used to distinguish baptisms as a result of growth from outside the church vs inside.
  • Tags are personal adhoc groupings of people. Your tags are seen only by you unless you share your tag with another user. The shared users can both add and remove from a tag. There is still the notion of a tag's owner vs a shared user, only an owner can delete the tag.
  • Communication in the search box means any part of the phone number or email address.
  • Address in the search box means any part of the address, city, or zip
  • Date of Birth in the search box means any part of the date YYYY, or MM or MM/DD or MM/DD/YY
  • The general ledger is just an export to Shelby Finanicals of summary contribution date grouped by fund and contribution date.
  • Member Status is membership in the church, not an organization. This status is at the person record level. A member is considered someone who has decided to join the church and has passed the requirements (baptism, new member class etc)
  • Member Type describes a member of an organization and their role within that organization.
  • Visitor is someone who has visited a meeting held by an organization and that person is not a member (enrolled in) that organization. A visitor can either be New or Recent. There is also the notion of a Visiting Member who is someone who is a member of another organization that meets at the same time. Member Status in the church does not have an impact on this designation.
  • Fund is a monetary account to which contributions are designated.
  • Bundle is a group of checks/contributions that are posted together. Typically they are a single fund but they can be made up of multiple funds. In fact a single check can go to multiple funds as separate contributions.
Jun 12, 2010 at 10:20 PM

Wow! That is immensely helpful. A few comments/thoughts/questions:

  • Okay...I started off using Organizations in the wrong way. I used them as the "organization" - e.g. the entire church - not a specific program/service/ministry within the church.
  • This leaves me with a question - is there a way to add individuals just to the church and not to an organization? What if to start I want people to just be members of the "church" without splitting things down to the Sunday School, etc. level?
  • Would you be able to give a few examples of "organizations", "divisions", "programs" within Bellevue? I can use these to great an article that gives some examples of what each of these might be...e.g. "Family Life Division" or "Wed. Evening Prayer Service Organization"