UI Overhaul?

May 29, 2010 at 1:47 AM
Edited Jun 1, 2010 at 4:19 AM

BVCMS from my thus far extremely limited exposure seems like a robust and full-featured application built on solid coding practices, but the UI reflects a developer rather than a designer's touch. I'm not a designer - far from it - but I do think I could assist in some simple UI enhancements and would like to offer them here and hear any feedback:


  1. Revamp the login page. Its very minimal. Provide a more friendly introduction to the site.
  2. Revamp the Admin-->User Management page to use up entire page, center content, etc.
  3. Revamp the Admin-->Programs to use friendly names instead of raw database values for column headings.
  4. Same as #3 for Admin-->Divisions. Additionally, expand the size of the table to use all of the screen real estate.
  5. Provide multiple columns for Admin-->Ministries so screen real estate isn't wasted, center content.
  6. Same as #3 for Admin-->MetroZips.
  7. Same as #3 for Admin-->Funds. Also, should say "Funds" instead of "ViewPage1".
  8. Same as #3 for Admin-->MemberType.
  9. Confused as to why Admin-->Lookups takes me back to main dashboard for bvcms?
  10. Move Admin-->Turn OrgMembersOnly On/Off toggle under Admin-->Settings.
  11. Moved Admin-->Clear Cache under Admin-->Settings.
  12. Move Admin-->Delete Special Tags under Admin-->Settings.
  13. Confused about what Admin-->Session State does?
  14. Integrate Admin-->Urgent Message into site template, perhaps move under Admin-->Settings.
  15. Integrate Admin-->Activity Log into site-wide template, expand to utilize screen real estate.
  16. Same as #15 for Admin-->Last Activity.


May 29, 2010 at 2:08 AM

Good point re the Admin. Another step child. You're exactly right about being made for developers. It has never had the fit and finish applied. I just do enough to make it work since the audience is usually limited and usually well trained. That's my justification for putting this so low on the priority list anyway. It gets the job done. I avoid giving Admin privilege to someone until they understand the rest of the app.

Funny, I can't even remember what Session State does. In fact, just looked, doesn't do anything. I think I may have used it once to reset the Session State for testing purposes. I could go back through the source history, but just not that curious. I'll remove it.

Admin -> Lookups requires developer role. There be dragons there...

The Urgent Message is real time message to indicate "System will be down for ten minutes at 11:00 AM" or something like that.