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Bellevue Church Management System (bvcms) is a web application project (Open Source Church Management System) used by a church to manage membership, ministry, discipleship and church growth.

  • Place individuals within groups (organizations).
  • Keep track of an individual's enrollment history.
  • Organize individuals into families and denote relationships.
  • Create and track meetings.
  • Track and analyze attendance.
  • Create and maintain ministry contacts.
  • Create and maintain tasks.
  • Built-in email management/distribution (HTML, distribution lists).
  • Manage financial contributions including providing statements.
  • Manage church members (as well as visitors, guests, etc.).
  • Allow for online registrations.
  • Offer touch-screen check-ins.
  • Offer keyfob check-ins.
  • An advanced query builder.
  • Yearly promotion management.
  • Offer discipleship and private blogs.
  • Volunteer Management.
  • Granular user permissions.

We have screencast videos demonstrating and explaining many aspects of bvcms' functionality here. Scroll to the bottom that page.
Visit our official homepage at
There is a developer's blog on that site as well as the Documentation
We've included two starter databases that can be built with BuildCmsDb.exe and BuildCmsImageDb.exe to get you started.

bvcms is written in c#,, linq-to-sql on .net 3.5 sp1.

A general purpose Querybuilder is available for advanced users to compose complex queries.
Parts of the system follow the Model View Presenter pattern while other parts follow the Model View Controller pattern.

Bellevue is making this project available in open source as a contribution to the Church at large.

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